Marie Leveaux

I finished the first version of Marie Leveaux in 2005. A solo seat and a tight fitting rear fender gave her a look that I really like. Here are a few pics from 2005 – 2012.

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Construction pics 2005. I started out by cutting my bike in half and throwing the rear half away. A swing arm, suspension parts, and a rear wheel from Cycle Salvage accompanied by 1″ tubing and sheet metal make up the new rear section.

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In 2012 I decided a rear seat would be a good addition. This required major surgery. It may take a little longer that I expected to finish this renovation. I fit in sessions at my friend’s metal shop between semesters at design school.

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January 2014 – Over the break between semesters at design school I built a new set of handlebars.

Loaded up and ready to go to the metal shop.

Loaded up and ready to go to the metal shop.

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