Several schools collaborating on TEDx event at Wake Forest University

Several schools collaborating on TEDx event at Wake Forest University was the headline in today’s Winston-Salem Journal. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the article. I was expecting a tiny paragraph in the Local Happenings or possibly the Milestones portion of the paper. It feels really good to have a platform like the W-SJ to voice my opinion.

That opinion being that this TEDxWFU is a community collaboration, and that it takes work to build Social Capital. I learned about Social Capital from the relationships I developed as a part of StoryLine. It turns out Social Capital is a concept that is not embraced by everyone. But I feel like it is a concept that is embraced by people when they realize how fragile their life is and they need connection. I learned that of all the work we did at StoryLine in an attempt to build Social Capital, the ones realizing the most rewards were those of us doing the work of StoryLine. I hope to inspire others to care about building Social Capital, and to not wait until they are down to care, or expect someone else to solve their problems. I feel like the article states those messages in a way that people can connect with.


L-R: Denton, Jake, Molly, Amy, Kameron (back to camera) in a studio at FTCC in December design session.

I am very proud of the work our design team has done so far. We have all of the parts and pieces built and ready to go to the set build next Friday. So far everything appears to be looking the way we intended. It’s time to start getting excited. When the lighting crew at WFU throws the lights on the set, the truth will be told. Fingers crossed.


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