Design School Application

I will be applying to a design school for the Summer 2014 term, and as a part of my application I will be including a video of a tour through a Sketchup model that I made. This video was completed before I added all of the media in the model so the finished video will highlight more projects; and the video quality through youtube seems to very low-resolution (something else for me to work on) so you may not be able to read some of the text. I’ll be sending a zipfile with my application instead of a youtube link. Click the photo for a peek.2013.12.24 My Shop

Marie Leveaux.

Down in Lou┬┤siana where the black trees grow Lives a voodoo lady named Marie Laveaux.

That’s the lyrics to a song about Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen that lived in the swamps around New Orleans in the late 1800’s. I like the idea of a chopper that looks like it just drove out of a swamp, that’s why there’s not much shiny on this bike.

This album shows some photos of the construction, the finished bike, the construction pics of the second revision – which is still in process; although it’s on the back burner these days.

I purchased this bike new in 1996. Since then it has sported several different paint schemes and undergone many modifications and designs. The latest version adds a rear seat for a special passenger. Check out the gallery to see more.


Steel and Roses

A friend asked me to design a trellis for the front of her home to support some new plantings she wants to add. The garden designer explained the requirements necessary to give the plants the light exposure they need and how much weight I should design for. I developed this idea to capitalize on the ornate qualities already built into the facade of the home and add some interest to the trellis. Here are some sketches. 2013.09.02sketch 4


A friend asked me to design/build a shelter for her to use as a mediation space in her backyard. The space available was about 5′ square. After a consultation and a creative collaboration session we determined that a floor and a roof were mandatory to protect her from the rain and keep clean, but doors and walls should be convertible to allow for more or less light and not completely close off the space to maintain a connection with the beautiful garden space around it. Below is a picture of the final design prior to construction. Check out the photo gallery for the MiniZenHaus.

Laura Luykx Sanctuary v2